As a Client or Customer:

As a client of our organization, you are the driving and mitigating factor to our communities success. Without you needing a solution, we'd have no one to provide a solution for. Which is why we open our solutions and services to each and every client that requests services. We are set to be the worlds very first on demand solution provider. Since this isn't something readily available, we request that our clients remain open-minded and to always provide us feedback on how we can improve the customer experience.

How we work


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As an employee or affiliated member:

As a Solution Developer it is your essential duty to work with various kinds of individuals and workforces to understand the workplace performance, gaps and review learning opportunities.
You will design unique learning solutions to drive business results, workplace performance and behaviour change. You will review and implement learning solutions.

Working at TOTAL SOLUTIONS is not only the best decision you'll make today, but the smartest career path if you're interested in

  • Being your own boss

  • Setting your own hours

  • Having a team of dedicated individuals all thriving for ultimate success

  • A full spectrum of affiliate & employee benefits tailored to your individual & family needs