Registered Agent Service

Florida Fee's
LLC Fees
Annual Report (& Supplemental Fee)$ 138.75
Annual Report (Received after May 1)$ 538.75
Amended Annual Report$ 50.00
Certificate of Status$ 5.00
Certified Copy of Record$ 30.00 New Florida/Foreign LLC Filing Fee (Required)$ 100.00Registered Agent Fee (Required)$ 25.00Total Fee For New Florida/Foreign LLC$ 125.00 Change of Registered Agent$ 25.00Articles of Correction$ 25.00Certificate of Conversion$ 25.00 (+ New Entity Filing Fees, if applicable)Registered Agent Resignation (active)$ 85.00Registered Agent Resignation (dissolved)$ 25.00Reinstatement Fee$ 100.00 (+each year annual report fee)Any Other Amendment$ 25.00Name Reservation$ 25.00Articles of Dissolution/Withdrawal$ 25.00Articles of Revocation of Dissolution$ 100.00Certificate of Merger$ 25.00 per party (unless otherwise specified)Member, Managing Member, or Manager Resignation$ 25.00

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