Newlife Coaching

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Individuals and Entrepreneurs, Developmental Start Ups along with powerful robust tools and solutions for current and new small business owners!

Personal Coaching?

Taking on the New Life Program is a venture you and your coach go on together.

This intrusive program isn't designed in some fancy modality with back up plan after back up plan to support another broken plan.

During your time in this course you will:

  • Discover your strengths

  • Uncover and reveal your limitations

"I empower my clients from the get go. We all have what it takes - having an unbiased Contact who doesn't judge - instead promotes you to express your true feelings and provides an environment thats safe and secure, results in unlimited possibilities. Obtaining and providing that type of environment - is what the world lacks."

Hi, I'm Tyler Michael, and I'm eager to show you all that you are meant to be. My approach is direct, honest, and solution focused. I know from first hand experience what it takes to pull through trauma and right now - the world needs that. The Coronavirus pandemic, was and continues to be a very traumatic experience. My purpose is to guide you back from the place COVID left all of us, and present to you the opportunity for you to shine light onto your destiny.

That's why I opened Thrive Off Trauma, LLC. Thrive Off Trauma, often referred to as T.O.T., is an online, over the phone, or in-person, solution focused Limited Liability Company, where Tyler is able to take all his tools and creates a safe place for you to talk, express, vent, and just "get out the muck of life".

Business Coaching?

Are you a small business owner or are you interested in starting a business of your very own? Reach out to us anytime! We'll get you in the know with what tools are available to small business owners and where to get started. We can also assist with filing your LLC and compliance documents along with Registered Agent services.

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