Custom Creations

Custom Creations is a solution that we use at TOT.Solutions / Thrive Off Trauma daily, between the internal operations and this very website, we're all intra-connected using the powerful yet simple tools provided to us Google.


This is my very own dashboard. I have access to all of my important documents, links, and even custom links that lead to my favorite / commonly used web pages. I built it from scratch and, even have it completely secured that I can share the link with you, and you, obviously won't be able to access. Pretty neat huh?

Security at it's finest. This solution can be used for a number of purposes and it completely customizable. Some previous use cases are

  • Client Portals

  • Web sites

  • Team intranets

  • Secure dashboards

  • Landing pages

  • Websites

  • Mobile apps

Here I have the main page of my dashboard, with access to Gmail, Google Drive, My calendar (which I also have embedded to the right) and a menu to the left with access to other important files.

Here you'll see my calendar embedded
(for security purposes I disabled showing my dates publicly)

Search Organizational Content is a great feature. No matter what the document is called, Google analyzes everything synced to find a key word that matches what you are looking for.

Control Panel - where most of my important links are located.

Financial cards? No problem. Access all of your cards right on your dashboard!

Ever need to remember important documents but don't want to carry them? Simple, upload them to Google Drive and have them displayed right on your very own dashboard.